In Seignorage:

  • The single 10SHARE (Boardroom) pool emits ArbiTen as long as the TWAP (time-weighted average price) of ArbiTen remains above peg

  • Each epoch's ArbiTen emissions are a percentage of the "Tomb supply", i.e., the Iron (minted - redeemed) supply is subtracted from the circulating supply

  • When the price of ArbiTen goes below peg, the supply of ArbiTen is reduced by 10BOND minting

  • When the price then recovers to be above peg, an ArbiTen bonus is given for 10BOND redemption

In ArbiTen finance, bonds have no expiration date.

The redemption bonus variable is up to 50%, which is squared (25%):

  • When TWAP = 1.0 peg, the bonus is 0%

  • The redemption starts being given at TWAP = 1.01 peg

  • When TWAP = 1.1 peg, the bonus is 25% (each 10BOND can be redeemed for 1.25 ArbiTen)

  • The bonus variable increases linearly, e.g., 25% at TWAP = 1.05 peg.

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